Matthew Hayden-Seton Hall Law School

1. Please tell us about yourself. 
Age: 25
Undergrad Institution: Temple University
Undergrad Major: Political Science/Economics
Hometown: Branchburg, NJ

2. What first made you want to go to law school?
I had a lot of family in law so it was a natural transition. Once I knew I wanted to be a trial attorney, I worked for a law firm for two years to get a feeling for what a career in that would entail. I realized quickly that it was a perfect fit for me.

3. Why did you choose your law school?
Seton Hall Law School was always on my radar having grown up in New Jersey. I took a tour here and the culture and energy I felt at this school were unlike any other school I visited. It just felt like a community which was rare in an environment that can be so competitive.  They also have a large alumni base and a pipeline to New York.

4. What is one thing you wish you knew about law school or the admissions process ahead of time?
How to negotiate scholarships. I think no one ever teaches you this, but there is value in trying to negotiate more award money.

5. What student organizations or activities are you involved in?
Mediation clinics, moot court, and a part of the ABA leadership.

6. Discuss any exciting jobs or internships you’ve had while in law school.
I worked for a Federal Judge my first summer which was amazing. I encourage everyone to work for a judge, as getting to see what the chambers are like behind the scenes, having the chance to understand how the judge thinks, and having the chance to shadow trials is an amazing experience. I also had the chance to work for the Federal Trade Commission in New York this past fall.

7. What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love watching and playing sports. I really like going into the city and seeing new places. I am involved in a softball league as well.

8. What is your dream career?
I would love to work for the US Attorneys office someday, to be able to try cases on the highest level is a dream of mine. I hope to also have a career in public service and politics.