best lsat prep coursesBEST LSAT PREP COURSES 2024

The Law School Admissions Test (administered by the Law School Admission Council) is one of the most significant examinations in the American education system, let alone in the life of a student. That is why choosing the appropriate LSAT prep course can be just as significant as the test itself. You want to ensure that you are getting exceptional preparation so that you can be as prepared for the test as possible.

Our list compiles a comprehensive ranking on the best LSAT prep courses that they market has to offer and taking into account over 2,500 LSAT prep student reviews.  It is aimed at giving you insight into what you can expect to receive by enrolling in one of these courses through the eyes of one of your peers (LSAT experts!).

Our table below below lists the top LSAT prep courses according to law school students.


Top 10 LSAT  Prep CoursesAverage Rating
Manhattan Prep4.50
Barron’s LSAT Book4.00

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1. 7Sage

Founders and Harvard Law graduates J.Y. Ping and Alan Cheuk set out to create a course that make your law school dreams a reality. They have gone through this exact process themselves and have used that experience to tailor a course that works best for students. They aim to even the playing field for students as they know not everyone can afford the exorbitant price of a tutor or most other prep courses. They achieved this feat by offering the course fully online so as to increase accessibility and lower the cost to you.

As affordability is a key value to 7Sage, they offer a free version of their course, which includes a large inventory of practice questions, some sample lessons, and one prep test. These give you an idea, but not the full picture, of what the entire paid course has to offer, such as a simulated version of the LSAT exam.

Product Offerings

In addition to the free version of the course, 7Sage also offers the following:

  1. Free Trial
    2. LSAT Core: $69/mo.
    3. LSAT Live: $129/mo. Everything in Core, plus daily live classes

4. LSAT Tutoring: $279/mo. Everything in Live + tutoring

Reviews Excerpt

Stanford University 2024 – “7Sage brought my score up 20 points! I found the Logic Games training the most helpful – drilling took me from struggling to getting nearly every question right every time. I also found that 7Sage was perfect for me as someone who was working full time while studying – you can go at your own pace and move as you need to. This allowed me to take my time, and work my studying into my schedule.”

2. PowerScore

Started in 1997 by Dave Killoran, PowerScore has been helping students achieve their LSAT goals for over 20 years. PowerScore is one of the best prep courses in the game and that is evident through the countless reviews left by students on their site. They help students on their LSAT journey through live classes both in-person or online, as well as a bevy of practice questions and officially licensed exams.

Additionally, another key feature of PowerScore that garners rave reviews from former students is their LSAT blog and forum. This allows students to interact both with one another and instructors around the clock for whenever a roadblock may pop up.

Furthermore, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, PowerScore is offering their “Stuck at Home Sale,” featuring discounted prices on tutoring, online classes, and workbooks.

Product Offerings

1. In-Person: $1595
2. Live Online: $1395
3. On-Demand: $195/month
4. Advanced Logical Games/Reasoning Course: $350
5. Private Tutoring: Starting at $160/hour for a 5-hour course package

Reviews Excerpt

University of Michigan 2024 – “Powerscore helped me gain a baseline understanding of what was expected of me during the LSAT. I met with a private tutor through Powerscore who helped me narrow down the exact types of questions that were causing me the most trouble. I was able to focus on these questions and learn strategies to help solve them efficiently. I saw definite score improvements after using Powerscore. One of the best LSAT prep options out there.”

3.Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a well-known name in the world of education, as they offer guidance on subjects at almost every level of education, and that includes the LSAT. They start their process by identifying your strengths and your weaknesses by having you take a diagnostic test, and then tailor a personalized prep plan that best suits your needs to score as high as possible.

The quality that sets Khan Academy apart from the other prep courses is that it is 100% free. You are given access to a personalized study material set and inventory of practice questions and exams and even lessons on strategy and other instructional videos at no cost.

Product Offerings

As noted above, the entire course is free. Yeah, we weren’t kidding or hiding some features that you will only get if you pay. The entire prep course won’t cost you a penny.

Reviews Excerpt

New England Law 2024 – “As a free service, Khan Academy was my saving grace in a time of financial hardship. I used Khan Academy to study for the LSAT during the first six months of the pandemic in 2020. I loved the explanations, practice sets, and pacing goals it gave me.”

4. Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep (powered by Kaplan) is one of the top names when it comes to graduate admissions test prep companies, and is no surprise that they appear on this list for top LSAT prep courses. When students choose Manhattan prep, they know they are getting top of the line guidance from instructors who know what it takes to score in the 99th percentile, as that is one of the requirements to teach the course.

They offer in-person, online, and self-guided prep courses and believe in teaching not only how to best prepare for the course, but also challenged that you may face along the way in your law career.

They also have a multitude of free options to ensure that Manhattan Prep is the right course for you. From their free practice materials and class to their online blog and forum, they provide you with enough insight that you will feel confident with what they have to offer.

Product Offerings

In addition to their free trial, Manhattan Prep also offers the following packages:

1.) Live or On Line Course: $1,499
2.) Interact LSAT Course: Starting at $799
3.) CrunchTime: $49/workshop

Reviews Excerpt

University of Michigan 2024 – “The course was great and allowed me to increase my score by 14 points from my diagnostic. Manhattan Prep even allows you to take the first class for free so you can decide if it’s right for you. The weekly “homework” helped me stay on a schedule and my instructor gave me personalized advice in and outside of the weekly class time.”


LSATMax is one of the more unique programs on this list. They offer a comprehensive free program on their website that includes an in-depth look into what they course has to offer. They present students with introduction modules into each section of their course and even provide a free practice exam. Additionally, they offer a free to download app so that you can take the course on any one of your mobile devices.

Students who get premium are offered an even larger inventory of practice questions and exams. In addition, you will receive over 100 hours of online classes and instructional video on how to beat the LSAT, from instructors who all scored in the 99th percentile on the exam. You are also afforded the opportunity for weekly office hours and online support for any questions you may have that pop up along the way.

LSATMax is so confident in their ability to raise you score that if you don’t, they offer a refund for your program fee.

Product Offerings

In addition to the free look into the course, LSATMax also offers the following packages:

LSAT Max Subscription: $249/month

LSATMax 180: $895 or as low as $75/month

LSATMax 365: $995 or as low as $83/month

Reviews Excerpt

University of Utah 2024 – “I was very happy with LSATMax. The classes and online
videos that were provided were very helpful and informative. The practice problems and
materials were great, and there were many prep tests i was able to use as practice. I was also
able to speak with instructors over the phone easily and they were very helpful.”

6. Blueprint

Founded in 2005 by actual LSAT instructors, Blueprint aims to make the LSAT prep experience fun and engaging for the student and turn it into something you actually look forward to doing. The Blueprint team makes a concerted effort in making a connection with their students as they “deconstruct the LSAT.” They use their own experience with the test as a means to prepare the student for the examination.

You can take confidence in the fact that your instructor is not only well-versed in the LSAT, but qualified enough to teach it, as each instructor goes through a rigorous 188 hours of training.

They also recognize how expensive LSAT prep courses can be, which is why they provide some free study resources as well as a free trial of what you can expect from their course.

Product Offerings

In addition to a free trial of the course and some free prep resources, Blueprint also offers the following packages:

1.) Live Online Course: Starting at $1,599
2.) Online Anytime: Starting at $299/mo. (pay as you go)
4.) Tutoring: Starting at $2,429

7.Magoosh LSAT

Magoosh LSAT Prep offers two different plans for students preparing for the LSAT. Both plans come with a 7-Day money back guarantee. Plans offer various months of access, official LSAT questions to practice, video lessons, video explanations, and tutor assistance via emails. If students are not happy with Magoosh Test Prep, an email to the company wishing 7 days of purchase is all that is required for a full refund.

Product Offerings

Self-Paced: $199/year + $115 one-time LawHub Advantage Fee

Guided: $499/year + $119 one-time LawHub Advantage Fee

Access for 12 Months

1.) More than 7,000 Official LSAT Practice Questions
2.) More than 90 Video Lessons (Logic, Reading Comprehension, & Logical Reasoning)
3.) 16 hours of live instruction
4.) 200 bonus Logic Games explanations
5.) +5 total score guarantee

Founder Robin Singh is quite a remarkable man, as he holds the current world record of perfect LSAT scores with 12. Yeah, you read that right, he earned a perfect score on the LSAT 12 separate times. He recognized that he had the perfect opportunity to take his knowledge and skills to sculpt his ideal course of how to best prep students for the exam.

Students can take confidence not only in the fact that they are learning the same way a world record LSAT test taker has, but also from instructors who all scored in the 98th percentile and are screened and trained by Singh himself. They hold an inventory of every single LSAT question released since 1991 and believe the best way to prep is by getting experience with what the actual test has to offer.

Product Offerings currently offers the following packages:

1.) Live Online LSAT Prep Course: $1,575
2.) Online Course: $1275
3.) Classroom LSAT Prep Course: $1875


9. Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan Test Prep is another well-known prep agency when it comes to graduate examinations from the LSAT to the GMAT and MCAT. They help students achieve their dream score through tools like their “Smart Reports”, which help you identify your performance on the test and identify the areas you need the most work.

Knowing that no two students are the same, Kaplan offers completely customizable and personalized practice regiments that are aimed to improve each individual with what they need most.

Product Offerings

In addition to a few free resources such as practice and events, Kaplan offers the following packages:

1.) Live Online Course: $1020
2.) On Demand Course: $680
3.) Private & Premium Tutoring Packages: Starting at $1700

10. Barron’s LSAT Prep Book

This all-new review book thoroughly prepares law school candidates for theLSAT at a very reasonable price. Introductory chapters explain the LSAT’s format, suggest a detailed three-month study plan for success, and present a indicative test with explained answers. Chapters explain and review each of the LSAT’s sections:

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • The LSAT Essay

Each chapter includes study tips, strategies for understanding and correctly answering the questions, critical strategies for controlling time, and a sample test with explained answers. The book begins with a diagnostic test and concludes with three full-length practice tests, including Test 65, a recent actual LSAT. All tests contain answer keys and through answer explanations.