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Deciding which LSAT prep course to choose can feel like a very daunting task. We understand that the LSAT is one of the most important exams you will ever take in your life, and that choosing the right LSAT prep course is important in order to secure your spot at a top law school. We have based our best LSAT prep courses list on the quality of the courses according to actual student customers, whether online or via in-class instruction.

With our list of the best LSAT prep courses in the field, you’ll be able to go through actual reviews from students who have had tremendous success with the aide of our recommended LSAT prep firms. We’ve received countless reviews (over 500) for numerous LSAT prep courses from students currently attending some of the best law schools in the country.

Our goal is to provide all prospective law school students with a variety of top tier LSAT prep course options that fit with their study methods.


LSAT  Prep CompanyAverage Rating
Manhattan Prep4.53

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1. 7Sage


7Sage aims to make admission to law school accessible to all students. Co-Founders, J.Y. Ping and Alan Cheuk, both of whom went to Harvard Law, have made it their life mission to find ways to level the playing field for students looking to attend law school. On average, 7Sage students who fully utilize all materials can expect to see an 11 point improvement. 7Sage also offers a score guarantee to their students who are not happy with their LSAT score.

The 7Sage test prep is all online to help keep costs low for students. 7Sage even offers a free account version of the prep to students, which includes hundreds of videos and LSAT Logic Game explanations, and only lacks access to the practice tests. Affordability is key to 7Sage, as they have made access to quality LSAT test prep a possibility for all students.

Product Offering

7Sage offers a free course with most study materials offered to students except access to the practice tests.

They also offer the following packages:
1. LSAT Starter: $179
2. LSAT Premium: $349
3. LSAT Ultimate: $549
4. LSAT Ultimate+: $749

Review Excerpt

With so many materials offered for both paid and unpaid packages, it is no secret why 7Sage is at the top of our list. 7Sage has made quality LSAT test prep available to all students, and the reviews on their website show the value of the program. The following is a review from a current law school student:

Michigan Law student- “This is the most amazing course! My score went from respectable, above average to comfortably confident for a T14 school only because of this class. I took more prep tests than I would have thought possible. And the tricks and tips are easy to understand. I would have paid double at least had I known the increase that I would get from this class. I have ZERO complaints, besides not knowing about it prior to my first test.”

2. PowerScore


PowerScore was founded in 1997 by Dave Killoran. His goal was to offer the greatest value to students by offering the best quality test prep at the lowest price possible. PowerScore LSAT offers both in person and online tutoring, as well as in classroom or one-on-one tutoring. PowerScore LSAT also offers free access to some LSAT materials.

One feature students love are the LSAT forum and LSAT blog. This allows students to interact with one another, and their instructors to get around the clock answers to any questions they may have. They also offer accelerated courses for students who are in a time crunch. PowerScore LSAT has something for every kind of student.

Product Offering

PowerScore offers primarily paid packages for prospective law school students. Their free package only comes with the basics and is typically not enough on its own for proper self study.

The price breakdown of packages is as follows:

1. On Demand: $175/month
2. Advanced Course: $350
3. Accelerated Course: $395
4. Live Online: $995
5. In Person: $1385
6. Private Tutoring: Starting at $175/hour

Review Excerpt

PowerScore is unique in that is offers such a wide variety of options for students seeking to improve their score on the LSAT. This LSAT test prep program takes the #2 spot because of their ability to meet the needs of all kinds of students whether it be those who need individualized attention, those who learn best in group settings, or those who are balancing a heavy load and need self-paced learning.

The following is a review from a current Stanford Law student:

Stanford Law student- “Powerscore is simply the best, especially when it comes to learning how to conquer logic games. I highly recommend taking the $1,000 online course (completely worth the investment). PowerScore also does not charge an insane fee if you choose to take a later test but would like to continue to have access to the online materials after your course ends. Highly recommend it!”

3. Manhattan Prep


Students who choose Manhattan Prep can take comfort in knowing only those who scored in the 99th percentile, with a plethora of teaching experience are allowed to become Manhattan Prep instructors.

Manhattan Prep offers both in-person classes and online lessons. The goal of Manhattan Prep is to prepare students for their future academic endeavors, in whatever way is best for the student. By utilizing the newest developments in teaching theory, students are able to gain access to some of the best LSAT prep around.

Product Offering

Manhattan Prep offers a 10% discount for students who are currently still completing their undergraduate studies, and offers some free resources for all prospective law students.

The price breakdown of Manhattan Prep offerings is as follows:

1. CrunchTime: $49/workshop
2. Interact LSAT Course: Starting at $375
3. Live LSAT Course: Starting at $1399
4. Private Tutoring: Starting at $245/hour

Review Excerpt

Manhattan Prep offers everything from short term workshops to long term private tutoring. With well-vetted teachers, and reasonable prices, there is no doubt why Manhattan Prep is in our top 3 LSAT prep courses. The following is a review from a current law school student:

ASU Law student- “Manhattan was the perfect combination of affordable, convenient, and effective. I wanted to do well on the LSAT, but I did not want to spend thousands of dollars on prep. Manhattan was priced very reasonably and had a lot of resources accessible from anywhere.”

4. Blueprint LSAT


Blueprint LSAT was founded in 2005 by a group of experienced LSAT instructors. Their goal was to create LSAT materials engaging and fun enough that students would want to study, and to create a company for which they themselves would want to work. Students who enroll in the Blueprint LSAT programs, and follow the study material average an 11 point increase on their LSAT exam score.

Blueprint LSAT has the resources that smaller companies do not, but they also are solely focused on the LSAT which gives students the best of both corporate and boutique worlds. All learning materials are developed in-house.

Product Offering

Blueprint LSAT offers some free test taking resources that are made available to students who sign up for a free account. Paid pricing is as follows:

1. Online: $199/month
2. Live Online: $1299
3. Classroom: $1399 ($1599 in large market areas)
4. Tutoring: Starting at $1600 for Supplementals and $1899 for Complete Packages

Review Excerpt

Blueprint LSAT offers the resources of a corporate company with the intimate feel of a boutique company. While providing the best of both worlds, the prices are not necessarily cheap. While still a strong contestant, Blueprint LSAT does not necessarily provide students with the best overall value.

Below is a review from a current law student:

Duke Law student- “Excellent program. The online platform is brilliant and allowed me to target issues I was having with timing and certain types of questions. The instruction was equally impressive. I took an in-person class in New York, which was great, but felt I needed more practice before taking the actual exam so proceeded with a combination of online prep and tutor prep. My in-class instructor was also a Blueprint tutor, so the transition was seamless. It’s the only LSAT prep service I recommend when asked!”



Robin Singh founded to help students better prepare for the LSAT. He holds the record of 12 perfect LSAT scores and has spent decades of research and development with his team, to better understand and teach the LSAT. Students can be confident that they are being taught by faculty that has scored in the 98th percentile or higher on an officially administered LSAT. offers both live courses and online courses. It is the only LSAT prep course that gives its students access to every single LSAT question released since 1991. For those who students who learn best by practice, exists to meet their needs.

Product Offering does not offer free study material on their website. Pricing for their packages is as follows:

1. Online LSAT Prep: $1150
2. Live LSAT Prep: $1650
3. Private LSAT Tutoring: Starting at $175/hour
4. Platinum Private LSAT Tutoring: $9750

Review Excerpt is on our list due to the strong testimonials and record holding founder Robin Singh. Below is a review from a current law school student:

NYU Law student- “It was great, the teachers were super energetic and super caring. There were plenty of alternative classes to go if my schedule didn’t fit. They were very good about practice test simulations and also tracking my overall performance. I had Deb and she was absolutely phenomenal would completely recommend. Their methods are very good and it’s no magic, work hard and you get results.”

6. Princeton Review


Princeton Review was founded by Adam Robinson and John Katzman over 35 years ago. The LSAT prep program offers everything from on-on-one tutoring to online personalized products. Based on testimonials, Princeton Review claims 96% of their students improve their test grades and a majority of students get into their top school choice.

Princeton Review is unique in its offering of a virtual classroom experience. All students are provided with a practice LSAT which acts as a baseline score, and a free strategy session to figure out which program best meets the needs of the student.

Product Offering

While Princeton Review does offer some free tools, the breakdown of paid packages is as follows:

1. Self-Paced: $799
2. Fundamentals: $1,099
3. Ultimate LiveOnline: $1,299
4. Full Service LSAT Targeted Private Tutoring: $1,800
5. Full Service LSAT Comprehensive Private Tutoring: $4,000

Review Excerpt

Below is a testimonial from a previous Princeton Review student who is now a current Harvard Law student:

Harvard Law student- “The course was well-organized, easy to follow, and produced results. I improved my score (comparing diagnostic to LSAT score) by about 10 points. The instructor was helpful and competent. He made time for one-on-one questions, responded promptly, and seemed to care about my results.”

7. Kaplan


Kaplan Test Prep is a well known test prep company for everything from the LSAT to the MCAT to the GRE. Kaplan recently debuted “The LSAT Channel” which offers live, interactive workshops on various LSAT topics.

Kaplan is unique for its “Smart Reports”, a tool developed to analyze practice test scores, thus, leading to score improvement. Kaplan offers a higher score money back guarantee for those students who meet the eligibility standards.

Product Offering

Kaplan does offer some free practice tests. However, in order to gain access to a majority of the study materials students must sign up for one of the following paid packages:

1. Logic Games Unlocked: $199
2. Self-Paced 4 Month Access: $799
3. Self-Paced Monthly Subscription: $398/month plus one time $199 licensing fee
4. Live Online: $1299
5. Live Online PLUS: $1699

Review Excerpt

The following is a testimonial from a current law school student:

UNC Law student- “I decided to take the Kaplan in-person course after not performing as well on the LSAT the first time as was necessary for my first-choice law school. It turned out to be a great decision! The in-person instruction, the online videos, and the practice exams were very effective in helping me improve my LSAT testing skills.”

8. Barron’s


Barron’s Test Prep is another well known test prep company in the world of academia. Unforunately, Barron’s does not offer online test prep for the LSAT. However, it does come with two additional online practice LSATs and a real practice LSAT.

This LSAT test prep program is not higher on the list because students will not have anyone there to answer specific questions. It is also important to note that aside from the one real practice LSAT, all other LSAT practice questions are made up by the company; they are not official LSAC released questions.

Product Offering

Barron’s LSAT test prep only comes in the form of a hard copy book. This book can be purchased from various retailers for around $22.

Review Excerpt

The following is a review of the Barron’s LSAT test prep book:

ASU Law student – “I thought that the explanations were very good on Baron’s. I also thought that the practice tests were well organized. Slowly moved through the book to practice. Practice makes perfect for the LSAT! Definitely would recommend getting this book for any LSAT test prep.”

9. Khan Academy


Khan Academy was founded by Salman Khan as a free education platform with his goal being to provide the best educational resources to all people, regardless of their ability to afford them. Khan Academy LSAT Prep is made up of an initial diagnosis period to set a baseline for students prior to completing the program.

The Khan Academy LSAT program is tailored each student to help them reach their set goal. Khan Academy LSAT Prep is a wonderful tool for students who cannot afford traditional test preparation, or for those students who are looking for additional practice and learning modules.

Product Offering

As stated previously, Khan Academy for LSAT is a completely free program. It is a non-profit and does not require any kind of charge for access to materials.