Amy Gregory-Widener Commonwealth Law School

 1. Please tell us about yourself. 

  • • I’m 26 years old, and I attended Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pennsylvania. I majored in Political Science and minored in Law & Society. I’m originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

2. What first made you want to go to law school? 

  • • I originally wanted to be a court reporter, but I found the job market was not as promising as I had hoped. Then I moved on to wanting to be a paralegal, and while shadowing someone in the field in high school, I met with an attorney. The rest is history! I was so captivated in hearing the attorney describe what she does that it seemed like the perfect fit, and I never looked back. 

3. Why did you choose your law school? 

  • • I chose Widener Commonwealth Law School for a few reasons. First, the close proximity to Pennsylvania’s Capitol made it a prime location to work in government law. Also, like my undergraduate college, it is also in Central Pennsylvania, so coming back to an area where I was already familiar with the people and places was a big bonus. Lastly, I was very impressed with the resources the school provides the students in order to succeed. 

4. What is one thing you wish you knew about law school or the admissions process ahead of time? 

  • • I wish I knew how much time it takes to devote to a single application! I had the impression that as long as I had a solid admissions essay, I could use it across the board–wrong! Many schools require different materials, and the application process is a very lengthy one that warrants a lot of time. It’s definitely not something that can be done in a single afternoon! 

5. What student organizations or activities are you involved in? 

  • • I’m currently the President of the Student Bar Association, Vice Justice of Phi Alpha Delta, Member of the Moot Court Honor Society, Middle District Liaison of the Federal Bar Association, and a founding member of our school’s Law & Government Society Organization. 

6. Discuss any exciting jobs or internships you’ve had while in law school. 

  • • I’ve interned with the Senate of Pennsylvania, in the Office of the Secretary of the Senate. There, I assist staff during Senate Session, draft proposed rules, research current Pennsylvania legislation and legal issues, and I also helped in creating a new Senate Library exhibit, modeled after the Library of Congress. I also interned with MidPenn Legal Services, where I helped represent clients with Protection from Abuse matters in court, which was incredibly rewarding. 

 7. What do you like to do in your spare time? 

  • • I love to bake, play the ukulele, and spend time with friends. 

8. What is your dream career? 

  • • This is a tough question! I would have to say in-house counsel for a large corporation, with a primary focus on employment matters.