Best LSAT Prep Books

The best LSAT prep book is largely going to be a matter of opinion.  Some students prefer their book to teach content, while other students prefer for their book to be filled with practice.  It is important for each student to determine the best LSAT prep books for themselves, in order to increase their score as much as possible.  For students who are taking an LSAT prep course, most courses will have their own set of books from which they teach.  However, for students on a self-study regimen, there are a large plethoras of self-study books students have to choose from.  We’ll touch on a few of the highest rated in this article.  However, it is imperative that students do their own research as well, to ensure the book they choose is a good fit.


LSAC Recommended


The Book: 10 Actual, Official LSAT Preptests

Who: This book is for those students who have already done the studying and concept learning part of the LSAT test prep process, and are now ready for loads of practice.  The book is recommended on the LSAC website.

What’s Included: It comes complete with 10 real LSAT exams, an answer key for each test, a writing sample for each test, and a score conversion table.

Pros:  This book contains 10 Real LSAC released practice LSAT exams which means a lot of practice.

Cons: It is important to note that this book does not have answer explanations, it simply lists the correct answers.  It also does not have any strategy teachings.  It is strictly the tests and answer keys.

Cost:  The book can be found for $30 and under at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  There are various volumes of this book listed on the LSAC website.  Therefore, students who are looking for more than 10 practice LSAT exams can purchase multiple versions of this book.

Verdict: While this wouldn’t be recommended for students who need help learning how to take the exam, it makes a perfect study tool for students who learn by repetitive practice.

The Book:  The Official LSAT Preptest.  In addition to the books of multiple tests, students can buy individual practice test books.

Who:  These books are best for students who are look for addition full length practice exams.

What’s Included: These books come solely with the exam, a score guide without answers explained, and a score conversion chart.

Pros: These books contain Real LSAC released practice LSAT exams, they do not contain “model questions” as is the case with some other test prep material.

Cons:  With these books priced at $8 each, it would probably be more beneficial for students to purchase the book of 10 full length LSAT questions for $30.  Unless there is one specific exam students are planning on using to practice.

Cost:  Students can find LSAT exams 62-86 for purchase individually on Amazon.  These books typically cost around $8.00.  If students are planning on buying more than three LSAT practice exam books, it would be financially beneficial to buy a book of 10 exams instead.  Unless, the student is looking for specific practice tests to use.

Verdict:  While these books provide good real practice for the LSAT, they are a bit expensive for only containing one exam and no answer explanations.  Students can buy these to practice.  However, there are other more cost effective test prep books.

The Book:  The Official LSAT Handbook

Who:  This book is a good read for students who are just beginning their study process.

What’s Included:  Rather than teach skills or offer practice tests, this book is meant to prepare students of what to expect from the LSAT from registration, to finding out their scores.

Pros:  The book is comprehensive and touches on all sections of the LSAT.  The LSAC calls it a “Comprehensive guide to the skills the LSAT assesses.”  It gives students an introduction to what to expect from the LSAT

Cons:  This book does not contain any full length practice exams and acts more as a guide as opposed to true study material.

Cost: $12.00 on Amazon

Verdict:  The Official LSAT Handbook is perfect for students who are just beginning their studies.  However, it is not ideal for students who are looking for those last tips and tricks to boost their scores.  This books provides the basics of the LSAT but will not help students with mastery of the exam.

The Book:  The Official LSAT Superprep or The Official LSAT Superprep II

Who:  These books are ideal for dedicated self-studiers who are look for comprehensive study material.

What’s Included:  Each book comes with three practice test and answer explanations for each item,  a guide to logic for the LSAT, and sample Comparative Reading questions and explanations.

Pros:  Each book has full length tests for students to practice.  They also come with a guide to understanding the various sections of the exam.

Cons:  Many students complain the books are not thorough and are rather best for students at the very beginning, or very end of their test prep studies.

Cost:  $21 on Amazon

Verdict:  These books are excellent for students to have as part of their test prep arsenal.  However, the books act as more of a guide with extra info, as opposed to a completely comprehensive, all-in-one study guide.


While the above mentioned are all LSAC recommended review books, they may not be enough alone for students conducting their own self-study.  There are plenty of LSAT test prep books that are phenomenal self-study materials that are not listed on the LSAC website.  Students may find some combination of non-LSAC study materials and LSAC practice tests to be an ideal combination when studying for the LSAT.


Most Comprehensive


The Book:  PowerScore LSAT Bible Triliogy

Who:  The goal of the PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy is mastery of each section of the LSAT.  As a result, these books should only be used by students who have ample time to study and are looking for mastery of the exam.

What’s Included:  They are one of the most comprehensive sets of books when it comes to LSAT preparation.  There are three books: one for each section of the exam.  The books cover methods for acing the Logic Games section, the Logical Reasoning section, and the Reading Comprehension section.  Each book is a deep, in-depth look at the sections of the LSAT.  They teach strategies for solving each question type, include detailed explanations for question answers, and help with time management on each of the sections.

Pros:  All practice questions used in this book are taken from a previous officially administered LSAT, so there are no “model” or “made up” questions.  Students who have used the books in the past tout their thorough and complete nature.

Cons:  These books are very in depth which means they are not a quick read.  Only students who have ample time to study should utilize these books.  Students who are on a time crunch and use these books may find they set them behind in their studies.

Cost:  The trilogy rings in at about $200 on the PowerScore website.  However, there is currently a promo to buy the trilogy for $145.00.  This is a very reasonable price for such a comprehensive LSAT test prep guide.

Verdict:  The reviews for this trilogy are phenomenal.  They are not a “quick fix” to getting a higher score.  However, students who truly put the necessary time in to studying these books will most likely see their score improve.

The Book:  The LSAT Trainer

Who:  It was designed to be a comprehensive self-study guide for motivated students.

What’s Included:  It includes over 200 official LSAT questions with solutions and a plethora of strategies  to tackling the Logical Reasoning and the Reading Comprehension questions.  In addition to teaching students how to take the LSAT,  The LSAT Trainer also includes free study schedules and notebook organizers to help students plan out their studies.

Pros:  The book comes with real LSAC released LSAT questions along with comprehensive strategies for tackling the various LSAT sections.

Cons:  The book does not come with any full length exams, so students will need to purchase those separately.

Cost:  The book can be found for about $40 on Amazon which is a great value for the amount of content included.

Verdict:   The LSAT Trainer is a perfect book for self motivated students.  However, students will still need to purchase the full length practice exams, because they are not included in this book.


Quick Reads


The Book:  Introducing the LSAT: The Fox Test Prep Quick & Dirty LSAT Primer

Who:  This witty introduction to the LSAT is perfect for students who are just beginning their LSAT study process and are looking for a way to ease into LSAT test prep.

What’s Included:  The book explains the “10 Commandments of the LSAT” and explains the logic games and logical reasoning in a way that keeps students engaged.

Pros: This book is an inexpensive, quick and witty read.  It acts as an introduction for students who are studying for the LSAT.

Cons:  The content is no where near thorough enough to act as a stand along self-study guide.

Cost:   $6 on Amazon

Verdict:  Many people find studying for the LSAT a tedious feat.  One of the most difficult aspects of studying can be getting started.  This book is perfect to get students engaged and jump start their studying for the LSAT.  It is not, however, enough on its own, to help students achieve a high score.