Connor Sonksen- Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law ASU

1. Please  tell us about yourself. 

Age: 25

Undergrad Institution: Arizona State University

Undergrad Major: Economics; Political Science

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ


2. What first made you want to go to law school?

I knew I wanted to go to law school at a young age after spending my summers with my grandfather, a prosecutor for over 40 years. The stories he would tell about cases he tried and people he worked with solidified my decision, and I have never looked back. My undergraduate career revolved around my desire to be admitted into law school.


3. Why did you choose your law school?

The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law ASU is an up and coming school and also my local law school (born and raised in Phoenix). They provided a significant scholarship to those who do early decision binding, and ASU was the highest ranking school that I could attend when considering costs. They also opened their brand new building my 1L year in the heart of downtown Phoenix, so ASU was certainly right for me.


4. What is one thing you wish you knew about law school or the admissions process ahead of time?

Reach out to your recommenders for the letters early! Sometimes they take awhile and require occasional ‘nudging. The law school application cannot be complete without them, which almost posed problems to me and my early admission deadlines. In law school, I wish I was told that applications for summer 1L positions open much earlier than may be expected. At my school, some opened up in October… I was so absorbed in figuring out classes that I almost missed my chance to work at my preferred employer.


5. What student organizations or activities are you involved in?

I am President of our student chapter of the American Constitution Society. My involvement has been the greatest single decision of my law school career. Greatest opportunities to network can be found in student organizations that interact with the legal community.


6. Discuss any exciting jobs or internships you’ve had while in law school.

I worked at my local DA office as a “Rule 38” clerk. Rule 38 allows me to appear in court as any lawyer would… I believe there are few places where a student can get more in-court Rule 38 experience than with a prosecutor’s office. I worked there throughout law school, and I could not be more thankful.


7. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Workout and maintain mental health. I try hard to keep in touch with friends and make time that is completely independent of law school. I always advice incoming 1Ls to try and maintain a life and ideally make friends with non-law students. Talking about school all the time can be exhausting.


8. What is your dream career?

Good question! I always thought I wanted to be a career prosecutor, but my mind is much more open after my involvement in the American Constitution Society. I am applying only to prosecutors offices for post-bar employment, but am not committed to making that a career quite yet. I will have to wait and see!