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About Cambridge Coaching

Cambridge Coaching was founded in 2005.  Cambridge Coaching offer in-person tutoring to students in the Boston and New York areas, and online tutoring to all other students.  A majority of their tutors come from the country’s top schools such as Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, and Princeton.  Cambridge Coaching takes pride in hiring only the best of the best tutors, which oftentimes includes those who have earned Phi Beta Kappa, Rhodes Scholars, and summa cum laude distinction.  Cambridge Coaching specializes in one-on-one tutoring to help best prepare students for their future academic endeavors.



Cambridge Coaching provides one-on-one LSAT test prep to students.  Unless students are in the New York and Boston area, test prep is provided online.  Cambridge Coaching offers a variety of test prep packages for students who prefer to pay as they go hourly, or for students who prefer to pre-purchase session packages.  All first time students are required to purchase a three session minimum to start.

Cambridge Coaching doesn’t provide a lot of information on their website regarding what is included in the LSAT test prep.  This is because Cambridge Coaching takes a personalized approach to each individual student.  A base lesson plan is always in place.  However, tutors evaluate their students at each lesson and adjust the lesson plan in ways that will better benefit the student.  Cambridge Coaching offers a free consultation for students who are interested about their method of test prep.  Tutors focus not just on student weaknesses, but on identifying where students show the largest probability of improvement.  This is key to improving LSAT scores.

Cambridge Coaching takes pride in hiring tutors who scored well on the LSAT, think strategically about how to raise student scores, and who are excellent communicators.  They offer four different levels of tutors to meet the needs of each student.  Standard tutors are well vetted tutors who can adequately communicate mastery of the LSAT to their students.  Senior tutors are those who have a track record of score improvement and have worked with Cambridge Coaching for at least 100 hours.  Guru tutors have an exceptional record of score improvement and have worked with Cambridge Coaching for a minimum of 250 hours.  Master tutors are veterans who have worked a minimum of 500 hours and who train incoming tutors in addition to being the most accomplished test prep tutors.

Cambridge Coaching is perfect for students who do best with one-on-one attention.  It offers the flexibility for each student’s schedule while ensuring every hour spent studying is being made useful.  Cambridge Coaching finds group tutoring to be ineffective.  Students who have had trouble with their score in the past, or who are looking to get the highest score possible, will greatly benefit from the one-on-one attention provided by Cambridge Coaching.

Cambridge Coaching Cost, Contact Info & Discounts

The breakdown of costs are as follows:

Hourly Rate

  • Standard hourly rates with no package
  • $110/hr for Standard Tier
  • $150/hr for Senior Tier
  • $220/hr for Guru Tier
  • $270/hr for Master Tier

First Time Package

  • 3, 90 minute sessions (4.5 hours)
  • $495 Standard Tier
  • $675 Senior Tier
  • $990 Guru Tier
  • $1215 Master Tier

Comprehensive Package: 5% off

  • 16, 90 minute sessions (24 hours)
  • $2508 Standard Tier
  • $3420 Senior Tier
  • $5016 Guru Tier
  • $6156 Master Tier

Planning Ahead Package: 10% off

  • 20, 90 minute sessions (30 hours)
  • $2970 Standard Tier
  • $4050 Senior Tier
  • $5940 Guru Tier
  • 7290 Master Tier

Cambridge Coaching does not offer any kind of direct discount on their website.  However, they do offer financial aid to qualifying students.  More information can be found at their website.  Students can reach Cambridge Coaching by phone at (617) 714-5956 or by email at [email protected].

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