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About Magoosh Test Prep

Magoosh was founded by Pejman Pourmoezzi and Vikram Shenoy in an attempt to create test prep with crowd-sourced questions and answers.  The Magoosh mission is to create products that give students everywhere access to enjoyable, affordable, and effective test prep.  Magoosh aims to provide affordable test prep for students so they can learn at a suitable pace.  Magoosh offers a 7 day trial with no commitment required.  Magoosh Test Prep also offers a “Score Improvement Guarantee.”  If students are part of the premium subscription, and have taken the exam before, they are potentially eligible for a five point score increase.  Magoosh Test Prep is ideal for LSAT students who are extremely busy, are self-starters, and who are determined to increase their scores on the LSAT.  Magoosh Test Prep was designed to be affordable for students from all economic backgrounds, so all students have the opportunity for academic success.


Magoosh LSAT Prep offers two different plans for students preparing for the LSAT.  Both plans come with a 7-Day money back guarantee.  Plans offer various months of access, official LSAT questions to practice, video lessons, video explanations, and tutor assistance via emails.  If students are not happy with Magoosh Test Prep, an email to the company wishing 7 days of purchase is all that is required for a full refund.  Questions can be sent to the Magoosh team via email, and answers in a majority of instances are timely.  Students who wish to extend the length of their subscription to Magoosh can contact the team for options.

Magoosh Test Prep is ideal for students who are disciplined self-starters.  Students who enjoy video learning and who have a busy schedule will find Magoosh Test Prep most helpful.  All of the Magoosh Test Prep materials are presented online.  Students will not need to purchase any additional books for the Magoosh LSAT course.  The Magoosh Test Prep course is available for both Apple products and PCs.  There is a free flash card app that comes with the course to help with LSAT studying on the go.

Magoosh Test Prep was designed to be accessible, effective, and to offer great value to students.  Studying can be done from anywhere because all materials are presented in an online format.  With a 7 day trial and 5 point score improvement guarantee, Magoosh offers assurance of improving test scores with dedicated practice.

Magoosh Test Prep Cost, Contact Info & Discounts

The breakdowns of cost are as follows:

3 Month Premium: $129

  • Access for 3 Months
  • More than 500 Official LSAT Practice Questions
  • Over 550 Video Explanations
  • Over 550 Additional Questions to Practice
  • Tutor Assistance via Email

12 Month Premium: $149

  • Access for 12 Months
  • More than 500 Official LSAT Practice Questions
  • More than 90 Video Lessons (Logic, Reading Comprehension, & Logical Reasoning)
  • Over 550 Video Explanations
  • Over 550 Additional Questions to Practice
  • Tutor Assistance via Email


Magoosh Test Prep does not offer discounts, but they do offer LSAT prep accounts to students who qualified for the LSAC fee waiver.  Learn more by visiting their website.  You can reach Magoosh Test Prep via phone at 1-855-MAGOOSH, or via email at [email protected].

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